Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tom & nursery

Today is Tom's 2nd settling in day at nursery (or playgroup as he likes to call it), and its the first time I've just left him there. I stayed for an hour and then went saying I was taking George for his morning nap and would be back in a bit. All true BTW. He let me go without a fuss so that was good.

I got a call from the staff just before lunch to say he was asking for me and having a bit of a wobble... But even as we were talking on the phone he got distracted with the thought of playing outside and was suddenly fine again! Yay!

He had his lunch there and seems to have had a fab time. He was very pleased to see me when I went to fetch him and didn't want to leave. I'm taking that to be a good sign!

He's out cold now, snoring his head off while we wait to pick Jack up from school.

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