Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tom's first proper day at nursery

Aww... Dropped my second son off at Appleblossom this morning for his first full day. He didn't want me to go and got a bit clingy, but I think its only because he was the only kid there that early. It took 10 mins for him to settle in before I could say bye and slip out. I'm sure he'll be fine now though.

He's been really excited about going and seeing his friends again so I doubt there will be any problems. He'll forget about 'wanting mummy' as soon as his friends arrive too.

So, with Tom there, Jack at school, and Mark at work, its just me and George today until 3pm! Bliss!


All kids home and safely tucked into bed. Tom had a good day! He brought home some paintings and told me all about playing with a big golden drum!


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