Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jack's 5th Birthday

Half a decade!! How??

Aww, and he's so grown up so much of the time too. He's had a good birthday. First time he's been at school for one, and a Thursday too so we had Luke over in the morning before school. Trying to keep him calm and willing to actually GO to school was our primary goal :D

He got to open 3 presents before school, one from Mummy & Daddy, and one from each of his brothers. We explained he could have the rest after school when he had time to play with them. He was ok with that too! Very grown up!

After school we went for his birthday tea to Pizza Hut, then home for presents and cake. He loved his presents (mostly Skylanders related) and scoffed his cake before finally burning out half an hour after his normal bedtime.

He has his big party on Saturday, and Grandma is bringing his bike up too (weather permitting, it's supposed to SNOW!)

Hope he remembers his 5th birthday. Hope it's a good memory.

Love you Big Lad! Xxxx

(Photos to follow)
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