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My implant is due for removal on April 29th. I have the pop pill at hand to start taking a week before, if we choose to use it. The idea of going on the pill was to regulate my cycle, but because I'm feeding Georgie I can't have the combi pill, and the pop pill won't do the job.

Question is, do we bother? Answer.... Yes I think we should because we want a summer baby this time and a baby conceived in May, June or July would be too soon - as in too close to the other boys birthdays. Must remember that when my hormones kick in!!!

The flip side is Nov is our cut off date for a baby born before Sept 1st. Lets say my cycle stays the same (it won't most likely, but hey) then the cycle starting Nov 16th is our last chance. And if I'm not already pregnant I'll have to decide if we want to keep trying for a girl and miss that school deadline, or just go for it and see what we get - most likely a lad. Urgh..... I'll cross that bridge when (if) I come to it. Truth be known I'll prob be fed up of not being pregnant yet and go for it!!!


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