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Grandma Kate's 60th Birthday

Ahhhh..... School holidays! Usually I have such a headache trying to find things to fill every single day. But not this time. Not this holiday. This holiday is jam-packed! We're knackered already and it's only Monday night!

Saturday was the party for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday (it's actually not until Wednesday, but since we're a bit far flung this Sat was a good day to have the surprise party). 2 1/2 hrs drive to my sister-in-laws where we take over half the house for our visit. Kids did brilliantly only stopping for one toilet break. Just for once we're not late! Good job to because the house is filling up! All 4 of Kate's kids are there. My hubby (Mark), Rachel, Jenny & Bob, plus respective partners; me, Garry, Ash, Rach, and all the kids (should I name them all??) Our 3, Rachel's 3 Chris, Nick and Alex, Bob's lad Ben. Also on route are Kate's step daughter Clare and her daughter Megan. Kate's friend Joy (honoury aunt to the kids) is there too. Kate's partner Dave a bringing her over later. She doesn't know! We've all parked away from the house too. The only give away is that the curtains are closed downstairs.

Rachel has made the cake especially. She makes amazing cakes! She really needs to sign up for Pinterest and get them shown off! There are other cakes and asserted party foods. The kids are pawing a them, apart from Tom who is mesmerised by the sparkling, glittery "60" table decorations scattered across the table. He keeps showing them to Jack.

Soon we get the nod.... Grandma is here! We all rush to hide in the livingroom so we can jump out surprise when she comes in. Bare in mind 5 of these kids are under 6 years old. They don't really DO quiet. Especially when they are excited! I guess we'll never know what she heard first, the younger children chattering, or the older ones shushing them!

Still, as she came round the corner we called happy birthday, and surprise, and hiya.... And what ever else came to the kids minds. She didn't look surprised. She did look delighted and a touch emotional.

People mingle and chatter, nibble on party food and generally enjoy themselves. Then it's Cake Time! The candles are lit, people sing, the special 60th birthday cake is presented. And there's a little voice pipes up.

"Why does the cake say 60 when Grandma is 90?"

There's a hush.

It's Jack. My Jack.


"I didn't tell him to say that!!" Insists my hubby.

I blame Tom...... Him and those party decorations which, when upside down or back to front DO look like 90s to small children in reception class and nursery. Luckily, even though Grandma Kate is stood right behind him, she laughs it off. I just hope she doesn't blame me!


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