Monday, May 13, 2013

Haunted by underpants!

They are everywhere I turn!

Undies. Kecks. Gruds. Tiny little boxer shorts and briefs.....!

I go to the loo, there's a pair on the bathroom floor. Multiple pairs on the boys bedroom floor, some used, some clean, but discarded for daring not to support the days chosen cartoon character. I'm not sniffing them to check which is which... They all go in the wash basket!

Pants in the livingroom! Haphazardly kicked off by a potty training toddler, kicked under the sofa, stuffed between the cushions, hanging off the door handles, and even a pair lounging on top of the telly! 

Scrunched up pants in the kitchen, having made a bid for freedom from the laundry basket on the way to the washer. Very hygienic! 

And just when I think it's safe and my day is done, I pull back my bedclothes to find ANOTHER PAIR that missed the return to the kiddies drawers during the fold and stack run!


And don't get me started on odd socks :0$
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