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Dealing with an emergency... with your phone!

A few years back I went on a very short (about 2 hours) first aid training session through work, we needed to do it for a site we were working at. Before that I had a single truly nightmarish baby first aid session as part of my antenatal classes (those plastic babies looked realistic, realistic dead.... Shudder). Apart from that and a 20 minute lesson on the recovery position during high school that I largely don't remember, that's all I've ever learned about first aid.

I've got three insane hyperactive monsters kids and an accident prone husband who keeps attempting dodgy DIY jobs round the house. Maybe I should learn something! I mean, with my lot it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong, right?

Now, to be fair, what I learned in that baby first aid lesson did stick with me. I've had my babies start to choke on hastily scoffed snacks and meals, and remembering how to help dislodge that blockage - without harming them, or showing the shear terror I was feeling - likely saved their lives. But I'm not sure how I would react to something else. How to handle a kid with a broken bone, what to do if baby pulls a freshly poured coffee on himself, how to help if someone goes into anaphylactic shock, or has a seizure, what do if Hubby rips his hand open doing more of that DIY....
Well the Red Cross have come up with a smart little (free) app! I've been reading through it the last few days. It actually pretty good! Currently I am reading up on the "Learning Section" which has short video clips, simple diagrams, and basic, straight to the point, no medical jargon, instructions and tips. It's all in bite sized bits so it's easy to take in and absorb. There are also little quizzes to see if you actually are getting the right idea.

A fab little learning tool.

There's a "prepare" section which I have only glanced at so far but from what I have looked at it is packed with useful information, some of it might seem obvious, but other stuff maybe not so much. There's is also an "Emergency" section which you could refer to to help you get though a scary incident, everything from a fever or nose bleed, though to meningitis, poisoning, and unconscious baby or child.

There is a Hospital Finder in the Tools section, which I think would be vital if, for example, you're away on holiday or a day out and something happens and you simply don't know where the nearest A&E is!

Obviously - if there is a real emergency - these are not things to do instead of or before you call for an ambulance, but things to learn beforehand, things that you can do to help while waiting for it to arrive, and also to give the emergency response team valuable information. They are also handy do's and don't's so you're not actually making things worse while you try to help.

Basically it's a bloomin useful app to have. We almost always have our phones with us, I know I do, and my iPad too, so it really is to-hand advice and I highly recommend it.

Want to download it? Find it here:

Google play:

British Red Cross say:

Mobile First Aid App - British Red Cross
(Photo from, and link to,
"Our FREE app is packed full of essential first aid learning for parents. It includes videos, quick tips and self test sections to test your knowledge. App users can search for their nearest accident and emergency department anywhere in the UK using the hospital finder. There is a useful section on preparing for first aid incidences and a medical records section to record childrens medication and allergies. The Baby and Child First Aid app has been designed and developed for parents and carers of children to make learning first aid easy and accessible. The app is primarily a way of learning first aid at your leisure before an emergency situation arises. However it does also include a section for use in an emergency."

I was introduced to this app through who asked for bloggers to trial and report on the app. I have not been paid in any way for the review and the app is free to download for all.


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