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Galt Toys First Pottery Review

We've been playing with our great kits from Galt Toys again. This week is Tom's choice: First Pottery.

As soon as I laid eyes on Galt's First Pottery Set I just KNEW Tom (our 3yo) would want it. And I was right! He almost exploded with excitement at the thought of playing with it. This set it recommended for ages 6+ so I was a little hesitant, but felt that as long as he was supervised at all times, and helped with the tricky parts, he would be ok. After all, this is air drying clay so there's no worries about handling hot ovens or kilns to fire it.

Messy Play

My kids love making stuff! If you've been following any of the homework projects I've been posting then you'll get an idea of how much we all love to make things. This is a perfect set for families that love to craft. It comes with a modelling tool, rolling pin, great collection of paints, paint brush, and instructions on how to make the pots shown on the box. You also get a massive block of air drying clay. When I say massive.... we've been in to it twice and had a good go at modelling and still have more than half left for more fun later. It's well wrapped up too. We first opened it 10 days ago and the unused clay is still soft, damp, and usable.

After having a really good play with it, we decided that Tom really is too young to make most of the pots on the box. But we're not disappointed! Far from it! We had fun making a couple of pinch pots, and a good laugh failing to make coil pots, and then let our imagination free and made some clay animals. We let them dry over night and then spent the next afternoon painting them. A couple of days later we went back and made some Christmas characters (Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, and a present) and had great fun painting them the next day too.

It really is great fun. I can see it being something an older child (older than our 3yo Thomas) could get real pleasure from be learning how to make these pots and decorate them by them selves and understand why the age recommendation is 6+. I couldn't have left Tom alone with it, it would have dried out and been wasted. But if you want a nice creative project to do with your child I can't see age being too much of a limitation.

How much does it all cost?

Galt First Pottery: £10.99

I think this is great value for money. As well as a very generous block of air drying clay, you get the roller, modelling tool, two different sets of paints, and the instructions. We've had 4 afternoons of fun out of it and we're not even half way through yet. Not to mention that your child's creations will become treasured mementoes!

Where can I buy one?

As with all Galt Toys you should be able to find them in your local toy store, or visit their web site at and take advantage of their special offers (especially in the run up to Christmas!)

We have been asked to play with and review some games and toys from Galt Toys. We have not been paid to do these reviews, all opinions expressed are our own. We did get to keep the products.


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