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I got the call!
Just as I was leaving work today my mobile went: an unrecognised local number. I hesitated before answering it - normally I only bother answering the phone to people I know (I can be a bit anti-social like that) - but my eldest was going to the school disco with friends and there was a chance it was one of the other parents home numbers (if I only have their mobile number stored) so just in case.... I answered it.

It wasn't one of the mums. It was Healthub aka the Fertility Clinic! Had I got the letter they sent? I hadn't....! The lady went on to explain that they had offered me and hubby an appointment for the 26th Nov, but that they actually had a cancellation for Tue NEXT WEEK if I wanted it!

Now I really really wanted to say yes, but Hubby will be working and unable to get time off, and we'd have no one to mind the kids at such short notice. It would seem a little off being my children to the fertility clinic! But I took her up on the original appointment for the 26th. Me and Hubby are both off work that day and it gives me time to find someone to watch Tom & George for a couple of hours while we go.

I am so very very excited!


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