Sunday, December 08, 2013

Jack's Ju Jitsu Grading! Yellow Belt

I get to be a proud mummy again today!

Ok, I'm always proud of them, but days like today give me something to show off about why I'm proud of the them. Today Jack had his second grading for Ju Jitsu and is now the owner of a smashing yellow belt!

As usual to parent ban meant I didn't get to watch, which is a real shame (especially since I don't have the car so I had to walk around Morecambe on a cold and wet Sunday morning in December looking for somewhere to get a coffee) and as usual when I asked Jack what he had done he said he didn't remember (Jack code for "can't be bothered to talk about what's done, what can I do next?") but I tell myself he wouldn't get put forward for grading if he wasn't progressing, and he wouldn't be moving up if it wasn't sinking in.

And he really enjoys it. That's what really matters.



Love you!

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