Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Being a Haven Holidays Ambassador in 2014!

We are thrilled about this! 

Who remembers the review we did of Haven's Cala Gran Holiday Park back in August of last year? (It's here if you want a recap) You might recall that we had a simply awesome time while we were there and that the kids loved it so much they cried when it was time to leave...

So when they offered us the chance to be Ambassadors this year I'd have to be deft to turn them down!

And the timing is perfect as only this weekend we were discussing what holidays we would like to take this year. The kids want to go back to Cala Gran, I fancy trying out Hafan-y-Mor, or maybe we'll try some where totally different! But what ever we do, there is one thing I'm sure of; we'll have a great time!

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