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Magic & Mischief - Part 1

This week Jack came home with his latest Creative Homework Project: Magic & Mischief, Spells, Fairy Tales and Pirates

As usual there are 5 areas for Jack to choose from: Art/DT, Dance. Music, Writing, and ICT. This time Jack has been swayed to try a Music project! "Learn a Pirate Song" so we've planned a fun little Google and YouTube search to find some good ones for him to pick from.  (I will be checking first without him to make sure I only let him discover age appropriate songs, Pirates have not always been known for their PG rating).

He wants to give the Art/DT project a go again - he loves these and I do too. We're making a boat from different materials, e.g. stuff from the recycling box, and thinking about what we are going to use that will be suitable and why.

The third part he's chosen to do is the ICT which this half-term is to use a paint program on the PC to make a map of a fairy tale land which might feature things like castles, forests, giant beanstalks, etc.

It's going to be another fun project! Watch this space and don't forget to click the Homework tag for more!


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