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Secret Dairy Post - 2nd Booking Appointment aka Home Visit

Today was my 2nd Booking In Appointment. I like this one! It's the "home visit". I've never really understood the purpose of it being a visit at home... the cynic in me says it's to make sure we're not living up to our eyes in animal faeces, leave crack pipes lying around, actually have access to running water, heat and power, lol. And maybe it is. But so what? Our house is a bomb site.... it always is to be honest. When I'm pregnant it gets worse because, aside from my "I'm too damn tired to do anything to care anyway" pregnancy attitude, Hubby goes DIY crazy when I'm up the duff.

But for all the untidiness, our house isn't dirty. We had a whoosh round this morning to sort of tidy most the toys up, made sure the clothes that the kids scatter around had been picked up, no breakfast pots still lingering around... just enough to make sure people to sit and talk properly. But not trying to kill ourselves or make out we're something we're not. I'm sure they would worry more about a family trying to hide something and coming across as fake and nervous than a family of 5 being a bit scruffy.

Anyway, this is the 4th time I've been pregnant and had a home visit, and Social Services haven't come to take the kids away yet. While I'm certain they will see many homes in a better state then ours I'm pretty sure they will have seen worse too.

The visit went well. Hubby hid in the kitchen for most of it (Stacking the dishwasher etc, being useful and out of the way. Impressed!) and I set Tom & Georgie up with a kids app on my iPad. What I hadn't anticipated was my (normally very friendly and affectionate) cat suddenly savaging the shoe of the student midwife that had come along too. Apparently her real lather shoes just brought out his primal side! I had to chuck him out of the house in the end..... 

They said I would be referred to a consultant again this time due to my past gestational diabetes issues and that fact that my BMI is still over 30. I was fully expecting that and I am actually quite happy about it even though I don't like the consultant I will be under (read my 2nd preg diary if you want to know why) because it means extra scans, almost guaranteed place at my 1st choice hospital, and most likely an induction date too! Hopefully they will arrange that sooner rather than later so I an organise my maternity leave.

All good! I go and see the MW at the doctors at 16 weeks (start of March I think) and I will get my first consultants appointment through the post soon.


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