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Secret Diary Post - 11 Weeks

This time next week I will be 12 weeks and all these Secret Diary Posts will be made public! And I am very excited about it! On Thursday my brother-in-law's missus Rach will have her dating scan, and it's BIL's birthday on the Friday so they are planning to tell family then. Saturday... we'll be doing the same! But for now it's still all hush-hush! 

Last night my SIL Jenny asked me if I had any baby news - she has always been so good at guessing when someone is preg (remember she was saying at Christmas that she expected Rach to be announcing). I had to fib and say that I'd know more by the weekend. Afterwards I thought I should have said "it's too early to tell" which would have been a handy play on words..... but I thought of it too late. I'm not as good at thinking on my feet when I'm tired and sickly! I'm still not enjoying the lying to folk bit, but at least I can blame my Hubby for my deceit! 

So, in lieu of chatting to people about my little Bean I am constantly browsing the web for baby related stuff.

This is what Fertility Friend has to say this week (11 weeks preg, start of my 12th week):

Your Baby This Coming Week
The end of the twelfth week of pregnancy marks the end of the first trimester. Your baby is now almost 2.5 inches long (6.1cm) when measured from crown to rump, and weighs between 0.3 and 0.5 ounces (9 to 13g). Your baby's fingers and toes have separated and are getting longer. Your baby can open and close its mouth and drinks amniotic fluid which it passes out as urine. Its head is becoming more rounded, though it is still large in proportion to its body. It has eyelids. You can now hear your baby's heartbeat with a Doppler Ultrasound device! Your baby continues to grow rapidly and has doubled in size in the last three weeks alone. The face is beginning to look more human, and all body structures are present with a few refinements still in progress. Fingernails and toenails begin to develop this week. Your baby's muscles are sufficiently developed to allow for involuntary movements at this time. The messages which control your baby's movements are sent from the spine, rather than the brain, which is not yet sufficiently developed.
I had another load of sickness yesterday morning and spent most of the afternoon flopped out on the sofa or in bed (the kids sent ME for a nap!) but I do feel a bit brighter today. I did burn breakfast though and spent 15 minutes searching for something that was right under my nose (that's how I burned the breakfast).

I've opted for a safer task for the rest of this morning, internet-window-shopping for maternity ware!


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