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I was supposed to feel better in 2nd Tri!

I'm not well.

I've missed two days of work already and not even felt up to working from home in an attempt to not get behind with my work, which isn't like me. I love my job.

I've not been able to get a docs apt until tomorrow as well (darned weekends getting in the way!) I have a feeling that I'm going to be told that I'm pregnant with 3 kids at home, I'm bound to feel tired and ill, and that's probably a big part of it. But I am ill on top of all that, I'm sure I am.

It's my guts. I've never had the healthiest of guts, and when I'm pregnant I suffer worse with it. I went to the pharmacist a little over a week ago who have me fibergel  to help me "go" but after more than 7 days of taking it twice a day I'm not seeing any real change. I'm terribly bloated, uncomfortable all the time, not eating properly because I feel full all the time. It's causing a real drop in my energy levels which them makes me moody and short tempered with Hubby and the kids.

And because I'm "backed up" so badly I get sick. I'm trying to eat, mostly high fibre stuff, and drink lots of water and fruit juice, but there's no room for it in my tummy. And if I'm running about after the kids, or doing lots of bending to do the laundry, house work etc, I wind up being sick because I'm squeezing my over filled insides. I feel sick just sitting upright and try to lay down or at least stretch out on the sofa as much as I can. Which is probably just making my situation worse as I'm sure exercise would help, but who wants to jump about the place when doing it makes you vomit?

Really hoping the doc can help me out tomorrow. Even if it's just to give me something stronger than fibergel and clear me out - but I doubt there's much she'll be happy to prescribe while I have Bean in my belly.

Oh the glamour of pregnancy!

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