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My kids LOVE clothes. Jack is especially bothered about what he wears, being 5 going on 16. So they were very excited when I had the chance to review some lovely boys clothes from joules. I love their stuff! It's practical and fun (take a look at the "About" section of their web site for a fun tale of Bright Pink Wellies!) Personally I was heartbroken to see they don't currently have a maternity wear section (come on Joules, a maternity range from you would be LOVELY!) but the kids jumped all over it: If I couldn't wear any of the clothes.... they could! And who could blame them? The kids range is just soooo lovely! My older two boys had no problems finding clothes that suited their own individual styles, and my heart melted when I delved into the baby and toddler clothing sections! Having three boys and no girls (yet) I spend most of my time browsing the boys clothes section - but I have looked at the girls ranges too and they have the prettiest things for girls of all ages!

What we reviewed:

My lads all always need new trousers. They grow like weeds! So I let them make their own choices (well, apart from George, but he isn't 2 till April) and this is what they went for:

Jack: Boys Jeans in Denim £27.95-£29.95 (age 7)
Tom: Boys cargo Trousers in Sand £27.95-£29.95 (age 4)
George: Baby Boy Jeans in Indigo £19.95-£21.95 (age 2-3)

Important to Mums #1 Sizing!

I selected an age/size up from their current ages since they are all quite tall and not far off their birthdays and I am very very impressed with the sizes when they arrived. Jack is very tall for his age (he'll be 6 next month) and his jeans fit beautifully. I was glad of the internal waste adjustments in Tom's age 4 trousers which means I can fit his trousers to his waste without a belt - very useful for a 3 year old who is determined to go to the toilet on his own now and struggles with a belt! Georgie's jeans are a touch too big still but like I said before he isn't quite two yet and the sizing is very good on these clothes. He does love them though and got upset when he couldn't keep them on just yet. He'll be getting plenty of ware out of them when he is a little bigger.

Important to Mums #2 Wear!

A good test of clothes worth is durability! My kids are GREAT destruction testers! They got their brilliant new Joules trousers during the Half Term Break from school & nursery, so they got a good, rough testing! Running around in parks and indoor play areas.... constantly scrabbling around on all fours and skidding across floors on their knees.... A lesser trouser or jean would have given up and ripped across the knees or seat (trust me on this, I know from experience). And they are holding up! Still looking new!

Important to Mums #3 Wash-ability!

The jeans came with a warning tag that the colours may run so, like with any new or highly coloured clothes, take heed of this warning. Wash with other clothes of the same colour and if you have any of these in-wash sheets which capture the run dye I recommend using them. But this isn't by any means a draw back. 

What we all thought:

After a week of running about in their lovely new trousers they kids are totally sold. Jack is already back on and asking for more clothes for his birthday, and I am sneaking a little look at the baby sections and nursery collection in anticipation of our new arrival in August.

Take a look for yourself and see:

We have been asked to try and review these clothes from We have not been paid to do these reviews, all opinions expressed are our own. We did get to keep the products.

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