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My Advice to a New Mum

I'm in my 2nd Trimester now with my 4th baby. I'm already starting to think about all the things I will need to get and need to do when baby is here and I'm a "New Mum" again. When I was a first time mum I got so much conflicting advice that I simply didn't know where to turn most of the time. The truth of it is every new mum and new baby is different so not everyone's advice is right for everyone else. But this is what has worked for me.

Before baby arrives: 

Save time & money by bagging a bargain on top brands available for free home delivery such as maxi-cosi items from Argos. Asking for Argos vouchers as babyshower gifts is a great way to get all the things you need (we do).

This is what's on my list of must-haves for the first few weeks. 

  • Travel System, or separate pram & car seat 
  • Moses basket & stand 
  • 3 bedding bails 
  • 2 nice, warm blankets 
  • Breast pump, bottles & steriliser. 
  • Reusable cloth nappies & nappy bucket & set (disposables for in hospital) 
  • Bouncy chair 
  • Sling / baby carrier 
  • Outfits for baby, lots of vests and sleep suits, spit cloths! 

For the hospital: 

First time round I seriously over packed for the hospital! Now I have it pretty streamlined. When you pack think “Pajama Party” but with big knickers, maternity pads, nappies and baby grows. You don't need a suitcase. If it doesn't fit in a hold-all and change bag you probably don't need it!

When baby is home: 

You are likely to be inundated with visitors. This can be REALLY tiring and stressful sometimes. The trick is to take full advantage! Let your guests run around for you instead of you waiting on them. If well meaning visitors are giving you loads of advice that you don't really want just smile and nod and file it away in your brain for when nothing else works. Use their cuddles with baby as an opportunity to go for a bath or a nap. If baby wont settle for you, hand them to someone else, babies are very sensitive to you needing a break. It's NOT an indication that you are a bad mum, more likely you're a tired one! That's perfectly normal.

Cuddles and kisses are under rated. I spent too much time trying to be Wonder Woman and not enough time enjoying my first baby. A mistake I have not made with the others. The washing and tidying will wait! But the best thing I can recommend is getting out and about. Find some baby groups to join in your area. I suffered with the Baby Blues after my first baby and it was getting out to baby groups that helped me out. Never, ever be afraid to ask for help. Even the strongest and most capable of mums need help and advice sometimes. Most of us need quite a bit, quite often!

After all "It takes a village to raise a child."

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