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The Anti "Bounty Mutiny" Rant!

I refuse to believe that I am the only mum in Britain who is NOT against the Bounty people visiting new mums in hospital.

All this stuff on Mumsnet drives me crackers! They want to stop Bounty from visiting mums on the maternity unit and offering photographs of newborn babies. They claim that they use pressure tactics and bullying to make a sale, sorry "undue harassment".

In my personal experience of 3 births and therefore 3 occasions to be visited by a Bounty lady.... UTTER RUBBISH! You don't want photos?  Say "no thank you" and she walks away! If you can't say no to a 'sales rep' then your kids are gonna walk all over you! "No" is a word you are going to have to get used to saying when it's something you don't want. Unless you'd like to have a horde of screaming brats for offspring?

Bounty Photo Website:

My lovely Bounty Portraits of my 3 beautiful baby boys
Bounty Portrait Photos. Tom, Jack & George. Worth every penny!

And even if you do feel pressured, or under the influence of the drugs you used to give birth (as some mums have claimed) you don't have to buy them! Send them back! It's right there on the info you get with the photos, if you are unhappy in any way SEND THEM BACK! It's really not that hard to do!

Or maybe it is. Maybe it's sooooo hard for some people to polity say no when offered a service, or soooo hard to send back a pack of photos you don't want. Maybe it's so hard that it is easier to join a campaign to bitch on and on and have the Bounty Reps seen out of a job. Because after all, that won't have any effect on complainers day to day lives. It's just a post on a forum, done and forgotten about.

I have been really looking forward to my Bounty photos when Baby Bean arrives. I have the photos I bought of Jack, Tom and George framed in my living room, the miniatures on my keys, all the grandparents have copies too. We used one of George's as his passport photo and saved out selves the expense and hassle of trying to get them done in town. I have planned to take the same blanket Jack was laid on for this baby's picture and use it again for this baby .But Bounty no longer attend my hospital's maternity unit. I will miss out on the true New Born photo, because booking a professional photographer, finding child care for my other 3 children, and paying more for my photos than I would from Bounty all takes time, and my baby won't be only hours old any more by the time it gets organised.  It is NOT what I want! I HAVE BEEN ROBBED OF MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

Each time I have been visited by Bounty I have had lovely, professional ladies stop by. If I was busy or tired I asked them to come back later. Mums in the same ward said no thanks and they we're left alone. When I was ready for the photos to be taken they were professional, took lots of digital photos and allowed me to select which one I liked the best. If I hadn't been happy with any of them they would have taken them again, but they have always taken beautiful photos and my only difficulty was finding one I liked best of all. I was told there was no obligation, given a number of options to choose from, and given NO HASSLE AT ALL!

Are these same mums going to force schools into not having the professional photos taken? That's an annual thing, and not cheap. You get sent a letter home informing you that IT IS going to happen, pressure from the kids to get the pictures taken! Oh! How will they cope? Oh.... Hang on, you can say no, choose not to have it done, choose not to keep and pay for the photos of you do get it done and don't like them. Exactly the same! And yet some how totally different and ok.

So I say back off picking on Bounty. Learn to say no of you don't want a service. Find something real to bitch about! Like the govenments NHS cutbacks! The REAL risk to yours and your baby's health and well being! Let the Bounty Reps do their job. Plenty of us out there do want the service and shouldn't be denied it!

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