Monday, April 07, 2014

Cinema - Again! Lego Movie - Again! AWESOME!

We've been to see the Lego Movie for a second time...... It's Jack's (belated) birthday treat that he chose instead of having a party. But with my work hours, his jujitsu class after school, other parents schedules, going away for the wedding etc it's taken this long to get round to going.

I took Jack & Tom. Georgie and Mark once again stayed at home. We picked up Jack's friend - also called Jack - and his mum from down the hill, and met Orrin and his dad in town. Orrin's family are in the process of moving so his dad stopped for a bit then had to dash off and get stuff done. We went to McDonalds and fed their faces, then popped into the pound shop for some sweeties and fruit-shoots (sooo much better value for money that cinema pic-n-mix and cup drinks).

We had a great time in the cinema though, kids sat through the film good as gold even though they'd all but one already seen it. They were high as kites by the time we came out though (all the pound shop sweets and junk food lunch probably) so we let them run round the square for a while to burn it off before piling the lot of them into my car (so nice having a 7 seater now) and I dropped everyone home.

They all had a fab time and vowed to do it all again soon. Tom wants to go and see How To Train Your Dragon 2 for his birthday - but that's not one until 6 weeks after his birthday. BUT! We will find a movie to watch, and I might just have to arrange another mass cinema outting when Dragon 2 comes out in July!

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