Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kate's Singer

This seems to have been the week for family visits! Today my mother-in-law and fella came to visit. Earlier in the week we'd had an old Singer sewing machine delivered that she had ordered off a lady in Ulverston. Having it delivered here (I assume) was considerably cheaper than having taken directly to their's, plus the added bonus of spending the afternoon with the grandkids.

Again the issue of our house being "A Squash & A Squeeze" came about and we ventured off to Cottams Field and the Fun Factory (aka Brewsters) to allow the kids some run-around time while we adults had a chat.

I think the kids have had a real kick out of all the visitors we've had lately, and all the trips to various play areas. It's getting expensive now though so I'm extra glad that the sun seems to have found it's way to Lancaster. I'm hoping it sticks around! I could do with a few freebie days at the locals parks!

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