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My Mum at 70!

Mum, being there for me. xxx
Today my lovely Mum turns 70.

My Mum is AWESOME! I don't post about her much on the blog or anywhere else because she is not a massive fan of the internet - doesn't use Facebook etc, is vaguely aware that I have a blog, checks her emails about once every 3 years.

But the woman is AMAZING! She had a pretty rubbish upbringing - my gran was a bit twisted and although I never met my granddad I get the impression he was nice but a little odd and weak. It was not a loving or affectionate home that she grew up in. Then she met and married my dad.... that is it's own story. Needless to say she is better off now they are divorced.

Without going into too much detail (she wouldn't thank me for it) how she has managed to get to 45 - let alone 70 - without having a total mental flip is astounding, and shows just how strong she is. Far stronger than me, although I try to emulate her. The most recent 25 years of her life have by far been he happiest, and it shows as no one who knows her can believe she is 70!

She is the greatest help to me too. Aside from practical things like minding my horde of children once a week, she is always there when I want to moan about something, always listens when I want to sound something out, and always there when I'm in a fix. She organised my wedding for me because I had no idea what to do, and it was amazing. She was there at the birth of my first child because I was too scared to do it without her - and has minded my kids when I have gone to hospital to have more! She is always our first visitor and first person (aside from me and Hubby, medical staff etc) to hold our babies.

And it's not just me she has been so wonderful to. For years she taught children with special needs. In retirement she has raised money for various charities and worked on the phone-lines for The Samaritans.

We live an hour apart. I couldn't bare to be further away. Although we have virtually no common interests, we always have something to talk about, and always wind up laughing. I lose whole days when I'm with my Mum. It frightens me that she is 70 now. She even said her self that she is "properly old now". I can't accept it. In my mind she is still only 40-something, the age she was when dad left and it was just the two of us. I hold on to the fact that women in my Mum's family live for ever! And she is in great physical health. I met a great aunt who was well over 100! I daren't entertain the thought in my mind of a time when Mum.... isn't there.

So, even though I know you'll never read this - what with it being on the internet and everything, there is something I want to say.

I love you Mum. Happy Birthday!

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