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GD Clinic, Scan, NO DATE!

Ooo! An underwear shot! You won't find many of those of me floating about. 

Excuse the baby's crib in the back ground packed full of stuff like the baby bath, cloth nappies, slings etc. And the only part-made bed!

This is my 33 week bump. Tight as a flipping drum! Massive. My belly button is threatening to pop. If I've had a big dinner it does peek out! Much to my Hubby's delight. He's always wanted my belly button to pop out in pregnancy! 

My feet keep swelling up. My legs too. Nothing alarming, it's just so flipping hot. So long as I keep drinking plenty of water and spend the evening with my feet elevated it's not so bad. 

I was back at the GD clinic yesterday....  It wasn't great. Baby is now approx 2943g (6.5lb) This is my rant on the forum when I got home:

Well that's 3+ hrs of my life I'll never get back :( Today's entire hospital visit was gastly, starting with a total inability to get a parking space. Over half an hour cruising the hosp car park and overflow, then a number of backup spots, gave me nothing. Wound up parking in town and walking (up hill, sulk!) for 15mins to get there. I arrived just in time. My backside had just hit the seat in the waiting room and I was called for my scan. I thought "this is ok, I might be out in half an hour at this rate" but noooo.
Baby wouldn't behave for the scan, refused to stop moving. Scan is likely inaccurate. But generally following the same pattern so not too worried.  
Next waiting room was packed, but I got seen by the midwife and consultant quickly. BP good (despite running through town). But then the consultant informed me that she would NOT be giving me an induction date today. I need to come back I'm 3 more weeks when I am 36 weeks along. 2 weeks before my "probable" induction....... Probable??? Trying not to dwell on that word.  
Back to the waiting room. Then ushered into another consulting room, where I waited for an hour and a half! I caught the MWs eye a couple if times and she assured me I hadn't been forgotten. But still I'm waiting. And waiting. Eventually the GD doc turns up, hands me my next scan apt - for 5 mins after I'm due to pick my kids up from the last day of school for the summer holidays - comments on my blood sugars being perfect but I'm still having a big baby, wonders aloud why (BECAUSE I EFFING WELL DO!) and leaves. I get the MWs attention again and beg for a better appointment time, giving her sound reason (my kids will be hyper because it's the last day, and cause mayhem being stuck in waiting rooms all afternoon) Thankfully she switches me to 1:30, which is better, but still tight between picking up one kid and the other two. Just pray I don't get held up like today! She tests my pee, gives me a prescription, and lets me leave. 
Only 10 mins back to the car since it's down hill, but I was knackered, thirsty, and hacked off. All I wanted was a date! And now I am less sure of what's going on, not more!
No pic this time. Baby is well down and the wee face is all hidden so there didn't seem much point.
I'm a bit more relaxed (well, resigned really) to the total lack of information and planning. I'm still really mad that the refusal to give me a date now means I cannot book my kids into the school's summer club, as school will be over by the time I get a date so booking & paying will be impossible. But there is nothing I can do about it. I'll have to make it up to the boys with plenty of play-dates with their school & nursery friends instead.

Oh well. Keep looking forwards! 3 weeks time and the kids will have finished school and baby will be immanent - one way or another!


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