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Traumas of a first time at Scout Camp

Jack has joined the Scouts. Well, as he's 6 he has joined the Beavers, but it's all the same thing. He's only been to a couple of meetings, with it being the end of the season, but he's really taken to it.

This weekend he wanted to go on he Scout Camp.

It's only an over-nighter, nothing major. Not like he's away for a week or anything. But it's the first time he's been away from home overnight without being with family. And it's made me nervous. Very nervous! I know he's perfectly safe, and I know he has loads of friends already, and that he will make a load more with every meeting and trip away. But he's my baby! My first baby!

And he ran off to join his mates without a hug or a proper good bye.

I wanted to cry all the way home, and I don't think it's just the pregnancy hormones.

I was pretty quiet all evening in truth. Tom & George were a bit "where's Jack?" But it was nothing new to them for him not be about 24/7 because of the amount of time they spend at home while he's at school. They go to bed before Jack too so that was no different for them.

I spent half the night waking up convinced I'd heard the phone ring downstairs, which is stupid because if there had been a problem they would have called my mobile which I keep by my bed. And doubly stupid because NOTHING WAS GOING TO GO WRONG!

Sunday morning, just after breakfast and the house phone does ring. I jump out of my skin, Hubby answers it. It's my Mum & Stepdad ringing up to say thanks for his birthday cards and presents.

At 2pm I set off to fetch my boy. I'm not waiting long before he materialises with his kit bag and rucksack "oh, there you are" he says in an impatient tone. I'd arrived on time, but it's a long hot walk from the car park to the lodge when you're pregnant. Then I'd waited in the mud room for him to come out. I asked if he'd had a good time and he bombarded me with tales of adventure and fun, including a story of staying up till 1am laughing with his room mates. Then he handed me the three badges he had been awarded (Explore badge, Nights Away Stage 1, Hikes Away Stage 1, all to be sewn onto his jumper when we get it in September) and assorted prizes for being Good and Brave. The leader who saw him off said he had been "absolutely perfect". My heart swelled with pride!

We were back at the car before I got a hug.

But after dinner he came and cuddled on the settee with me. He said sorry for not hugging me good bye, he had just been too excited and keen to get started. I said I understood, and I hadn't chased after him for a cuddle because I didn't want to embarrass him in front if his new mates. I also told him how very proud I was of him for being so big and grown up.

He was totally exhausted when we got back. How he kept his eyes open is a mystery to me! Oh to be 6 and full of energy (instead of almost 35, pregnant, and lacking in any energy at all). I'm just glad he's home again having had such a great time! And I won't be so stressed when he goes away again in September. Honest!

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