Saturday, August 09, 2014

Granddad Visits

We've been visited by more family today Hubby's dad & his missus, youngest bro-in-law, the twin Sisters-in-law, and the OH & kiddy of one of the twins. House was bursting at the seams so we headed out to the Brewers Fayer again (I should have a discount for all the business I put their way).

Freddie did us proud, he just loves all the snuggles he gets! Georgie loved playing with his cousin Harry, there's only about 5 months between them so they get on great. Jack & Tom were charged with keeping an eye on the younger lads in the soft play while the grown ups got to know Freddie, and they did a great job.

Poor Georgie though... He did his usual post party trick and threw up all over me and his fav Georgie Pig PJs right before bed. He'd over stuffed himself on chocolate cake and milkshake, and rough housed with "uncle dafty pants" (Harry's dad). Bad combination for someone who doesn't like to eat in the evenings. After everyone had gone he climbed up next to me and Freddie and said "I'm sad...." 5 mins later he erupted.

But he's all better now. No longer "sad" and tucked up in bed. Got a quiet couple of days ahead now.

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