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A Mothercare Christmas - Making MUM feel special!

I've spent four Christmases pregnant. Finding nice, flattering, glamorous outfits for the Christmas season is just NOT easy when you're pregnant and probably feel more like a Beach Ball than The Bell of the Ball...

Needing to feel comfortable in your clothes is so much more important when you're pregnant too. If I was to do it all again (and I'm really not planning to!) knowing everything I do now that I've been there, done it, and got the t-shirt (4 t-shirts) this is what I would buy!

The Office Party:

No wardrobe is complete without the "Little Black Dress" and the Mamalicious Sequin Top Dress is especially nice. The sequins give it that sparkle that I simply love at this time of year. The cowl neckline is very flattering, and the skirt is classic black which is slimming without hiding the bump.

Equally the Mamalicious Black Sparkle Dress is just as stunning, you can dazzle your co-workers with bling all while flattering your figure and your bump.

I would wear some cute heels with either of these dresses, and look fabulous sat at the bar with a virgin cocktail. And when it was time to go home and there was a chill in the air I would just LOVE to slip into this Envie de Fraises Maternity Coat Cape!

Comfort is especially important if it's going to be a long day & night so I would make sure I had a good maternity bra on, but for me it needs to be pretty, like this Black Mini Spot Support Bra by Blooming Marvellous. I get a confidence buzz form knowing I have nice undies on, even thought it's just me - and maybe the Hubby if he's lucky - who gets to see them.

And I cannot stress enough the importance of good maternity tights! Too many times I struggled with regular tights that would start to roll under my bump half way through the day. Proper maternity tights! Trust me on this one!

Christmas Morning:

If your family is anything like mine, and especially if you have kids already, then you can be pretty sure the cameras and phones will be out on Christmas morning snapping photos while you're still in your PJs opening presents with the kids. I have a couple of grim looking photos of me, pregnant on Christmas morning, looking like I had already swallowed the Christmas Turkey whole!

If I was doing it again I would be wearing this! Adorable Tatty Teddy Pyjamas by Blooming Marvellous! Cute, comfortable, cuddly... perfect for playing with the kids and their new toys. It keeps the bump (and other bits) covered and cosy while you get on with being a mum-with-a-bump at Christmas, without looking frumpy or over stuffed!

Although if I was on my first pregnancy and still had the opportunity to laze in bed on Christmas morning with the baby-daddy I would probably be more likely to be wearing one of these pretty Cami Nighties by Blooming Marvellous!

On a not-so-Christmasy note have also found cami nighties to be perfect for my stay on the maternity ward - which is a seriously warm place at my hospital. Because they are small and lightweight they take up very little room in your hospital bag, allow freedom of movement if you wear one during labour, and I personally find the thin straps ideal for slipping off when I was getting used to breastfeeding a new baby. And it's nice to have something pretty to wear on the ward too!

Visiting The Family:

We do a lot of visiting of family over Christmas! We have a lot of family to visit! And I love to have a few nice smart-casual things to wear, a few glitzy items to dress up jeans, something nice and pretty, and make an effort to look good. Even through the heart burn and sciatica!

These are some of the things I would be wearing this Christmas if I was pregnant again:

  1. Gold Studded Maternity / Nursing Top (coz it pays to have something you can carry on using once baby is here!)
  2. Envie de Fraises Maternity Winter Box Style Kit- 3 Piece Set
  3. Maternity Yoga Pants by Blooming Marvellous
  4. Dark Wash Over The Bump Maternity Bootleg Jeans by Blooming Marvellous
  5. Navy Polka Dot Maternity Top by Blooming Marvellous
  6. Christmas Sparkle Maternity Top by Blooming Marvellous
  7. Burgundy Fabric Mix Maternity Dress by Blooming Marvellous
  8. Spotted Mesh Maternity Top by Blooming Marvellous
  9. Blooming Marvellous Knitted Spot Dress
  10. Mamalicious Red Beaded Top

It's almost enough to make me broody again


Visit Mothercare for these outfits and more

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this review, although I may win a prize draw for taking part in this promotion. I have written this post based on my own taste in clothes and from the perspective of someone who has actually been pregnant at Christmas four times. I have previously bought and worn maternity clothes from Mothercare and am a great fan of Blooming Marvellous in particular.

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