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Giggles Christmas Party

Santa at Giggles in Lancaster
We very nearly didn't go to Giggles Christmas Party.... the kids have NOT been on Santa's good list since school kicked out. In fact, if it had been me that paid for the tickets instead of their Nana they would not have gone.... But I hate to see other people's money wasted.

For £10 per kiddy you get 2 hours of play, a cooked meal (pizza & chips or hotdog & chips, although you could arrange something else if you needed to), party games, entry to the raffle, and a visit to Santa with TWO presents. I think that's a pretty good deal to be honest! Although with 3 kids to pay for (Freddie didn't take part, just cuddled with me) to mounts up.

The boys couldn't wait to hit the soft play - Giggles is one if their favorite places locally anyway. As we went in we were told that there were baubles hidden throughout the play area; find one and you got a prize! Well Jack went and found at least 3! The prizes were mini bags of Haribo! He shared them with his brothers, and even let Tom hand in one of the baubles. The staff also held party games in the Birthday Room and Jack & Tom both won prizes for 'pin the tail on the donkey' and other such games. They came out with more sweeties and Jack got a Painting By Numbers set too.

People were being called into see Santa in batches of 5 by their ticket number. We were well down the list in the 40's so I sent the lads to play and promised them I would find them when our numbers were called. The went all the way up to 35-39.... and STOPPED! But only because they were bringing out the kids meals. My lads were hoping up and down... had Santa chosen NOT to see them because they were on the Naughty List??? Nah, he was just taking a break while the kids had their food!

We were called just before the boys had finished eating. I asked the staff to not take away our plates (they kindly left a "do not move!" note on our table!) and we went to see Santa.

Santa was lovely. He had two presents each for Jack, Tom & George, and I got to take as many photos as I liked of them all together. We hadn't bothered getting Freddie a ticket this year (too small to play and eat the food) but he got to have a cuddle with Santa too, and a photo (not that he would stay still for it). Such a shame he got so attached to Santa's beard though.... nearly pulled it off out at the roots!  kids loved their presents - Tom & George got colouring sets and giant bubble wands, Jack got some cars and a build-you-own action figure!

The lads finished their food and then went back off to play. The 2 hours were almost up. Freddie chose this point to over-flow his nappy so I took him off to get changed. Half way through I heard the raffle prizes be announced. Guess who were among the winners?! Jack & Georgie! They came running to find me, screaming and whooping with excitement! Tom was gutted that he didn't win, but seriously, what were the odds that we'd have two winners? Jack's prize was another paint-by-numbers set so he kindly gave it to Tom (I said I'd give him a nice treat at home for being so kind) and Georgie won a Peppa Pig drawing set. No way he was parting with that!

Santa came out of his Grotto for a wander round, photo op, and general friendly time with the kids (such a lovely man) \and then it was time to go. The boys has an awesome time, I think they got real value for money. Giggles do this every year, tickets need to be bought in advance. I know I'll be back for 4 tickets next year!

£10 per kid got us:

  • 2 hours in the soft play
  • Hot meal
  • Party games
  • Meet Santa & 2 presents each
  • Raffle entry

I bought myself a coffee, didn't bother to order myself food but guess I could have done. I bought juice for the kids. I spent less than £5 (most of that was my very big, posh coffee, could easily have spent less)



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