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Review: I Am Lost - Wrist bands and lables

I think most parents have a "lost toy" story to share. I know I have! And I also know that the more kids you have the more stuff you have to lose. My lot seem to be especially good at losing things. Only a few weeks ago Jack went on a camp with Beavers and managed to lose an entire days worth of clothes without having even worn them! With my boys taking up so many clubs and activities that require changing clothes and carrying various things around with them the probability of losing things is ramped up almost daily!

It doesn't help that my kids have all wound up with names that are very common popular at the moment. So simply scrawling their names on labels is rarely enough, even our surname is pretty commonplace!

So what can be done? 

The creators of "I Am Lost" seem to have hit the nail on the head here. Their system allows people who find a lost item to key in a number on the "I A Lost" app or directly on their website. You are given a number when you sign up and there are a range of ways to label your things from stamps to sewn on labels to detachable tags. From there they can send a message to the owner to let them know it's been found. Both parties can then message each other through "I Am Lost" (so no one has anyone else's personal details) and arrange to get the lost property back to it's owner!

There are a nice selection of packages available to buy so you can label up what ever you need.

There's also a brilliant "I Am Lost" Child package, which works in a similar way for for LOST CHILDREN! Again, all you would need to do if you found a child with the special "I Am Lost" bracelet is key in the number (in the plastic strip inside the bracelet) and the app or website will give you the contact numbers of the parents/guardians of the child. It even allows you to call them directly from your PC!

It's a brilliant idea. Our older two children know my mobile number now, and our littlest man is generally fastened to me in his sling, so if any of our kids were likely to get lost and not be able to find his way back to me it would be Georgie - at 2 years old he's too young to remember my number and too old to be tied to me like Baby Freddie - so he wears the "I Am Lost" bracelet when we go some where he's not familiar with. And we're busy stamping, sewing, and labelling toys, school uniforms, sports kits, and scouting gear pretty much all the time!

I Am Lost: on Mumii | Buy a kit | Download the App

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