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Indoors ALL Half Term :(

Well.... we were all ill for a while. Then it was half term and I was full of ideas of things that we could do - including some more fund raising for Barnardo's. But first the car needed it's MOT & Service. I took it in on Mon 16th... didn't get it back for three days and it cost well over £500! On top of that the Tax Credits people still don't think Freddie isn't real and have cut my payment by £300+ for the second month running. SO... we have been flat broke the whole time too.

Half term. We're recovering from nasty colds, the weather is grotty, we have no car and no money. So what did we do? We stayed in! ALL WEEK! Oh, apart from one day when my Mum came to visit and took us to Giggles to stop the kids from going stir crazy. Mostly we played Skylanders. A while back I picked up the Light and Dark expansion packs and stashed them for school holidays. We got the Light pack out (saving Dark for Easter) and worked our way through it. Me and Jack yomped through most of it. Tom had a go with Daddy for a while, and Georgie got all excited about being allowed to swap the toys and traps for us. Freddie just enjoyed the cuddles he got while we played.

So while it was not an ideal "get out and about, get fit, expand our minds" kind of family holiday, we did manage to do something together that we all enjoyed. And it cost nothing! Which is a good job as I was over £800 less well off than I was expecting to be.

They are al back at school and nursery now. And I kind of miss having an excuse to play computer games all ay instead of sorting the laundry, washing the pots, endlessly picking up toys and crayons.... Soon be Easter though!

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