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Walking, Souping & Juicing

So after a couple of slack weeks, and allowing myself to be led by my Hubby (who appears to have given up on watching what he eats right now), I am trying to get back on track. I have gained 2lb in the last 2 weeks. I had hoped to have lost 4lb in that time.

Yesterday I managed to get out and walk just over 6 miles by walking the long long way round to town and back, and then walking our eldest boy to and from Beaver Scouts. Today I have walked over 5.6 miles. Tomorrow I wont be able to get as much in because we have a DIY disaster to sort out - car trip to the local DIY store for wood etc. Can't do that on foot. But I'll do the best I can to get some steps in. Then - weather permitting - I'll be out and about on Thu & Fri as well.

I'm taking a closer look at my "5 a day" because I haven't been getting all my "colours" often enough. Loads of red, yellow and orange, some green, but virtually no purple. Hubby can't eat aubergines because they make him sick for some reason but we all love beetroot and grapes so I'm making sure they get bought in more (and beetroot are lovely juiced... who knew?), I wonder if red onions and the like count towards that? I'll have to look into it more. And as Hubby has been suffering with numbness to his fingertips and toes (the docs have no idea why despite a ton of tests) this might help.

I am juicing like mad! My breakfast now consists of 1 or 2 large cups of juice. I almost always have a "Wake me up" which is carrot, apple, ginger and either lemon or lime (depending what I have in), and I try another one too. I have been making juices with pineapple, and with beetroot, and other 0 point fruits, roots, and leaves. I'll share some recipes what I get time to photograph them and write them up. I have a bit of toast or a small bowl of cereal with it to give me that carb boost to see me through the morning - I'm still following Weight Watchers not a juicing fast so I eat as well as have my 0 point drinks. I have a bottle which I fill and take with me on my walks too.

After taking a break from my soups (still don't know why we stopped) I am also now back making them. I have a nice big pan of homemade tomato soup simmering on the stove now! A bowl (or two) of 0 point soup for lunch with some low fat, low calorie snack (I'm liking Velvets for 2pp) and I'm good for the afternoon.

Then it's my good dinners! Hopefully with all this zero pro point goodness going in to my body I will stop wanting to snack all the time, which I am at the moment. Evenings are a nightmare! I find myself wanting chocolate, toast, anything sugary and carby. Not great at bedtime.

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