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Weigh In #23

Eeeek! Look what I did! I lost that 1lb and got my 7lb Valentines Challenge beat a whole week early! I am thrilled! I really really didn't think I was going to get there this week. There have been some bad food choices made this week (like the amazing pork pies from our local butchers - nom nom nom! And junk at the cinema too...) but I have put some miles walking in - 24.88 according to my FitBit - and it has paid off!

I have been over my Weight Watchers Pro Points this week. I used all my Weeklies and even though I earned 36 Active Points I only had 5 left over by last night. But I guess that just shows that the Weight Watchers points system does work. I am SO far over my allotted points but still lost weight because I exercised enough to counteract the extra food!

Unexpected losses delight me... And I get an extra hit of motivation too. I can't help thinking over and over this morning "how much would I have lost if I had NOT eaten so much pie?" I did enjoy the pie though. I love the fact that Weight Watchers means I can have some - sometimes - as long as I work it into my points and ramp up the Active Points. Next week I will do all the walking, and none of the pie. See where it gets me!

Weigh In:
  • Me: -1 lb
  • Hubby: +1 lb
  • My total loss since Nov 2013: 60 lb
  • Valentines Challenge BEATEN!

Things I have learned this week:
  • Apps are GOOD! I've loved seeing my progress as I go on my wanders with Freddie
  • Weight Watchers points system REALLY DOES WORK when you use it properly
  • I need to buy FEWER pies when Hubby feel the need for them (1 can split 4 ways, not just 2)

Targets for this week:
  • Get a good start on my next challenge (a stone by Easter weekend)
  • Not dip into my Active Points (ie stay well within my Weeklies)
  • 2lb loss please!

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