Friday, March 20, 2015

Willow Words Award!

Jack with his bronze Willow Words award - and a
typically mucky post-school-day face!
Jack got his Bronze Award today for his "Willow Words" - which from what I can gather is like a spelling contest.

I admit I don't know much about the Willow Words although I do see the winners photos on the board in the school entrance and I have wondered for a while if Jack was going to have a go at getting on there. He loves his words! There was talk last school year about him being "put in for Willow Words" because he was "more than ready" but it's not something they do in Year 1. So now in Year 2 is was a doddle for him!

Quite a lot of his friends got their Bronze Award too, he seems to have settled in with a group of kids at the same ability level as him self. They are already talking about going for their Silver Award!

So on the eve on your 7th birthday Jack.... WELL DONE! Wear your badge with pride!

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