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The New "Do"

You know how you get attached to a hairdresser? Finding one who does your hair just the way you like is tricky to find. For years I went to the one same lady and I loved loved LOVED what she did with my hair! But when she started a family of her own she also started up on her own as a mobile stylist. I very much wanted to keep on seeing her (we're still FB friends) but my home is not really a great place to have my hair done. That bathroom still isn't finished (2 years on), every inch of space in my home is taken up either with the kids toys and games, or the Hubby's DIY stuff. It's a shed, 24/7, 365. Frankly.... I am ashamed of it. And I don't like people seeing how we live. I long since gave up the constant up-hill struggle WAR to make this house look anything other that an episode of Hoarders (that will all change Summer 2016, but that's for another post).

Add to my total and utter shame of my house; for me getting my hair done is more than just a cut and colour making me look neat and tidy... It is a 3hr+ holiday! I am away from my darling husband and beautiful children, my house, my job, any responsibility at all. People bring me drinks, massage my head (Oooooh... I could drift off to sleep while some one washed my hair for me), and talk about random girly stuff. I get to read my book without "Mum mum mum muuuuum muuuuum MUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!" A hair appointment in a salon once every 8-9 weeks is pretty much the only REAL break I ever get. So as much as I love my hairdresser of the last few years.... I need a salon! (Sorry D, really do love you!)

It's taken a while, but I think I have found someone who does my hair right! Daft thing is I have been going to this salon for years for the kids hair. They have a cheaper deal on Mon-Fri for gents and kids cuts and one lady there is the only one in town who was able to cut Tom's hair as a toddler without him having a total melt down! So from that point on, that's where the kids went (unless Daddy took to them with the clippers).

I go back to work in just a few weeks - May 5th - and I am slowly getting myself back into work mode. I haven't done much with my hair in over a year now, just the odd trim and a box of home colour before Christmas. My streak of silver (ok, gray) was showing and I had about 3 inches of roots showing either side of my parting. Let's not start on the split ends. I looked tired, worn out, frumpy. This is NOT the look I want when I go back to work in my new HR role (oh yeah, I met with my Boss yesterday and I am going to be HR when I go back to work instead of Credit Control - and answer directly to him! Eep!)

Over 3 hours of pampered bliss in the salon...

I think my new lady, S, did a brilliant job! (Get me with my new designer specs too)

When I got home the Hubby exclaimed that I looked "20 years younger" although I hopefully don't look 15... I think that means he likes it. The kids seem to like it too, Tom didn't recognise me at first when I went to fetch him from school! I thought Freddie would cry - it took him 3 days to get used to me wearing my new glasses as I ditched my old ones when I started Mat Leave and only just started to wear my new ones a few weeks ago - but he likes it too. I can see him looking and thinking about it being different, but he didn't scream so I'll take that as a thumbs up.

Just need to buy some new clothes now. That's a job for Monday!

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