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All change....

This time last week I was talking about how much can happen in a week. And this last week has been all change too!

Let me start with the job interviews.

I was late for my first interview. It was pouring with rain and I had walked past the place twice when one of the people there called my mobile, spotted me on the street and guided me in. Not the best first impression I have ever made - dripping wet, flustered, and late. But it went well and they offered me the job. The people were lovely and I think I would have been happy working with them. But they were not able to match my recent rate of pay and the maths didn't work (cut in pay + increased travel costs + increased child care costs = not possible) so I had to turn them down.

My afternoon interview was fascinating. It was so much like the mock interviews we have done in the CIPD course that I felt very relaxed and able to be myself. The factory tour was brilliant (I do love a factory!) and everyone I met was friendly and just seemed soooo nice. I was lucky enough to be offered that job too. And.... Ohhh.... I want to work there!

I had an interview on Monday for a shared services centre which sounded interesting, but it just didn't click with me so even though I have been offered a second interview I politely turned it down. I have had more invites to interview too which I also politely turned down.

Hubby and I spent the weekend searching for childminders who could start immediately, and crunching numbers to see what worked out for the best. But there was no one available, and as the cost of childcare for four kiddies is more than his "Living Wage" so he is taking a few months off work to be a full time dad until our littlest one is in full time nursery from September - meaning that from that point on childcare is affordable because there's much less of it to pay for.  Once that was all sorted out and he had spoken to his bosses, I was delighted to accept the HR Administrator job at a certain well known factory, working for a certain international company. With a proper wage, and proper development plans, and proper progression! And a team of people to work with! So long as they still like me in 3 months time I'm all set up - and even if the worst happens and they don't keep me on for what ever reason, I have this brilliant company on my CV to help me get something else. But I want to stay....!

In the midst of all this I have ex-boss contacting me. First off just an hour before the interview he knew I had (the one I accepted) and then again on Monday. Words like "change of circumstances" and "come back" and "I can offer you more with flexibility that you like" but as much as I loved working there the last 10+ years he has destroyed all the faith I had in him, and all the loyalty I had for him, because of the way he went about letting me go. I could never trust him again. And I know that he could not be ABLE to keep all the promises he was trying to make. It's felt like giving me the boot that day was a snap decision, and I have a family to support. I cannot risk ever being at the end of a snap decision like that again.

SO! That is a chapter of my life that is over. I'm staying in touch with a lot of people and I want it to stay that way, but that is enough. No going back. The next chapter starts on Monday! The first day in my new job. I have had lots of contact from my new colleagues already so I'm not as scared as I could be (I'll be a wreck from Sunday evening on though, until I'm there and settled) - they seem soooo nice! I know I keep saying that but it's very reassuring. The kids are looking forward to being in after-school club next school year (which is a relief, I thought they'd be upset), it's looking good for Freddie having full time nursery from September, and I get out of doing most of the housework until Hubby goes back to work! There is nothing not to be happy and positive about.

Amazing to think that this time two weeks ago things were so completely and utterly different!

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