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All Change!

I have not been the most prolific of bloggers of late. Having 4 kids takes up SO much time! And for the last almost 18 months I have been working crazy hours at the Biscuit Factory. Working in HR I know better than most the perils of blogging about work - so I just don't do it! And the alarm clock going off any any point between 3am and 6:30am most mornings means that I simply have not had the energy to blog.

But next month I start a new job! Don't get me wrong, I have loved the Biscuit Factory, but the opportunity to work in Lancaster again doing not just the office admin stuff I have been doing for recent years, but also eCommerce (like when I first stared this blog) was just too good to pass up.

The Walker Household is a very different beast these days. Hubby is now primary carer being full time dad and house husband while I go out to earn the bacon and pay bills. Jack has passed the 11+ and will be off to the Grammar in September and is settled into proper fully fledged Scout now as well as continuing his swimming, jujitsu and his guitar lessons. The middle two are coasting along nicely. Tom has given up jujitsu even though he caught Jack up in belts, but is now a Cub and still enjoys his swimming and ukulele. George has started Beavers and ukulele too now as well as his swimming and jujitsu, and has also been taking dance classes. And as for Freddie..... Well Freddie is one on his own. He started school this year and can't wait to join his brothers in at their activities. He is also amendment that he is a girl and is passionate about unicorns and cats. We have no idea if this is a phase or if this is who Freddie will always be but he has the love and support of us all either way.

This last couple of years have been very busy, and often quite stressful, but the new job on the horizon, the relief of knowing Jack has made it to the Grammar, and finally all 4 kiddies in school, perhaps the Hubs and I can breathe again.


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